1/4 of the Beef Bulgogi and 1 cup of cooked white rice!

I’ve been researching lower calorie meals and have a whole binder full of things to try. This one was especially tempting. I’ve never had bulgogi, but my husband loves Korean cuisine, so I thought I’d give it a try. It had really good reviews.

Recipe: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/100606/beef-bulgogi/

The bulgogi is 232 calories for 1/4 of it. For one cup of rice, it’s 206 calories. The meal would total 438 calories, without vegetables (I was crunched on time). I had a lot of trouble finding a place that sells Flank Steak, but I called Mannino’s in Wentzville and they had it for $7.99 a pound. I was expecting it to cost more, because this is really good quality beef!

This was absolutely delicious! I definitely recommend making it!

Calorie Breakdown:

Total: 438
232 per 1/4 of Bulgogi recipe
206 per cup of rice

My husband’s plate.