268 Calories per half a chicken breast. I liked to eat a cup of mashed potatoes and half a cup of carrots, which makes the entire meal 510 calories. A pretty decent size dinner, honestly!

Recipe Link: https://thetoastykitchen.com/bacon-spinach-stuffed-chicken/

I like to double the recipe for it so we have leftovers for my family on my fasting days. I tend to just feed them leftovers on my fasting days so I’m not cooking fresh, delicious smelling food and torturing myself when it’s a fasting day. I can just pop their food in the oven and move on. Though to be honest, this smells so good even reheated and it was hard to feed my little guy without stealing some of it.

Anyway, this recipe is SO SO SO GOOD! I’ve made it twice so far. Highly recommended!

Calorie Breakdown!

Total: 510
268 per half chicken breast
214 per cup of mashed potatoes
28 per half cup of carrots

My only suggestions: Pound that chicken and cook them a couple of minutes longer on the stove, just because the first time I followed the instructions exactly and the chicken wasn’t cooked through. It came out perfectly the second time, I used the meat pounder on them and then cooked them about 5-6 minutes on each side.