(Making this on Saturday, so I’ll add a picture then)

This is actually a weight watchers recipe that I learned about from Rachel Sharp’s vlog. I actually really love this recipe. It’s about 108 calories per cup, about 8 servings. I meal prep this and take it to work for lunch, or eat it for lunch on the weekends. If you’re adamant about having actual homemade dumplings (my husband was spoiled growing up, his mom made the dumplings from scratch), then you probably won’t like this very much.

Recipe: https://www.food.com/recipe/weight-watchers-chicken-dumplings-made-with-tortillas-350800

I slow cook my chicken for this recipe. I posted about it with the Spicy Chicken Tacos, but I just use Rotisserie Chicken seasoning, Italian seasoning, and pepper instead of the other spices. The chicken usually ends up tasting like an actual rotisserie chicken and is usually just as tender when you slow cook it like that.