So, my plan was to start exercising at the 165 mark. I told my husband I wanted to start doing P90X again after I got to that milestone and he readily agreed. He’s a fit person, so exercise is something normal for him. Something that will throw people off when they start exercising is that they will gain weight. It can seem REALLY discouraging and may make some people give up on their weight loss.

Don’t let it discourage you! There’s an explanation for the weight gain and if you persevere, you will see the rewards!

Since I’ve JUST started working out and because I naturally have a bit of a negative view on my body, it’s a little stressful to see my progress reverse, so I had to find some sources on the internet to make me feel better about it. This is the most simply informative of the sources I found, but it did make me feel better about the weight gain.


So, for all of you that are starting Alternate Day Fasting, remember that it’s important to workout, but it’s also equally important to not be discouraged by weight gain when you do start your workouts. It’s natural and you will see the loss again, it just takes time. Keep it up, friends!