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Exercise Plan

I was logging all of my exercise and calories burned here, but I have a recently diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic toddler, so it’s harder for me to update this on a daily basis now. Going forward I’ll just have my entire exercise plan on here and change it as I go.


P90X YouTube playlist


  • https://members.fitrise.com
    • This is a paid subscription, but you can do the Danette May 30 day challenge and get access to her warmup, cooldown, and four weeks of really good exercises that are geared for people of all levels.

C25K Running App

Exercise Plan

Fasting Days: C25K

  • March: Week 1
  • April: Week 1
  • May: Week 2
  • June: Week 3
  • July: Week 4
  • August: Week 5
  • September: Week 6
  • October: Week 7
  • November: Week 8
  • Run that 5K!

Eat Days: FitRise Warmup / P90X / FitRise Cooldown

  • Core Synergistics
  • Cardio X
  • Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper X
  • FitRise Pilates (40 mins)
  • Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X
  • Kenpo X
Daily Keto 4U

Delicious Keto Recipes Everyday


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Whale Owl Bee!

Another Alternate Day Fasting Food Blog

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