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05/17/2020 — We are back with more Recipes! Hoping to share one recipe every 1-2 weeks!

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Korean Sweet Pancakes (Hotteok)

We’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos about Korean street foods lately, and we saw a video about these and they looked so delicious! I tried a recipe from a Korean author. It wasn’t quite right, so I modified a few things and it’s REALLY fluffy and delicious! Nutritional Information:Recipe Total:2,492 Calories | 440g […]

Alternate 2-Ingredient Dough! (without Greek Yogurt)

So, I’ve been experimenting with different variations of 2-ingredient doughs. As awesome as the Greek Yogurt version is because of the nutritional values in the yogurt, I’m honestly not a huge fan of the flavour it brings to the bread. So, I did research on alternatives to the Greek Yogurt and came across a lot […]

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Whale Owl Bee!

Another Alternate Day Fasting Food Blog